Panic Attacks – A Cure Called CBT Anxiety Treatment – Ever Heard of It?

CBT or Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is proving to be very beneficial for people who would prefer not to take medication to treat panic phobia unless strictly necessary. Before I go into what it involves, I will briefly outline its advantages for you, and also touch on one or two disadvantages to give a balanced view on this increasingly popular form of treatment.

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For psychiatry anxiety treatment, medication may work more quickly than CBT, but the advantage of CBT is that it has no negative side effects. How ever with CBT the occurrences of panic feeling and panic agoraphobia are far less – the treatment lasts a lot longer in general than typical medication used to treat the condition. It is more time consuming though, and requires a greater effort than just taking a pill, but the results are far-reaching CBT Web Scraper.

So what is CBT? It involves learning what causes the panic attacks in the first place. It then teaches different styles of breathing to deal with the panic disorder symptoms, while in the meantime learning how to deal with the panic feeling and the thoughts that accompany it. Then when you have mastered these, you confront your fears in a low anxiety situation, and gradually the stimulus is increased. Your tolerance increases as well.

Some people look for short cuts in panic attacks therapy. They enquire if it is possible to take medication in conjunction with CBT, and will this speed up their cure? The answer as always is in the first instance be guided by your doctor – he or she is the expert who knows you best. But as a general rule of thumb, medication can inhibit the learning process, and may at the very least slow up the positive effects of CBT.

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