The Practical Reasons For Using a White Heavy Duty Tarp

Whether you need PVC tarps, or “poly tarps”, for use as ice rink liners, canopy , a tarp shelter, snow covers, boat covers, wedding tents, reception canopies, vendor booths, work area shade or weather protection, outdoor party covers, carnivals, lumber covers, or any other applications, white poly tarps with special UV treatment can be the perfect match to meet your poly tarp needs–even when that need is just to match the color of the tarp with that of the event’s color scheme.

Hexamid Pocket Tarp – Zpacks

Poly tarps are also sometimes referred to as “valance tarps” these are used for replace canopy roofs and often available in white heavy duty tarps and also supplied in white/blue stripes

Due to their coloration, white poly tarps can be the most effective poly tarps for reflecting back the Sun’s UV rays, keeping covered materials or inside conditions cooler and less at risk to receive sunlight damage such as warping or discoloration. Yet at the same time, they allow some sunlight to filter through, so that a covered interior or area can be brightly lit enough for you to see while inside heavy duty tarpaulin.

White high-density poly tarps, according to long-experienced industry expert Simon Page, are the very best poly tarps that you can buy in most situations from the combined perspectives of utility and economy.

When buying these tarps, Page highly recommends considering those that weigh in at about six ounces per square yard. Features and benefits to be found in these affordably priced white poly tarps include: rust free grommets spaced out every 18 inches; resistance to water, mildew, and acid; double-sided UV protection treatment; heavy duty strength; Arctic flexibility; and resistance to tearing. Other benefits with the white heavy duty tarp are rope reinforced hems, washable, and rot proof. Also most good quality white heavy duty tarps are supplied with black plastic corner reinforcements providing the tarp with extra durability when it is tied down.

As previously mentioned both white & silver heavy duty poly tarps are the coolest and most light reflective of all poly tarps. This is largely due to the fact that the mesh within the inner material is made from very thick tight mesh material, as well as the fact that white and silver tarp is so highly reflective. There is very little ultra violet light that is possible to pass through the various layers of the white heavy duty tarp, unlike the lighter blue, green budget tarps that are much thinner and are not usually made with a ultra violet inhibitor added to the tarp.

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