How to Lose Tummy Fat – Get That Flat Tummy Before Swimsuit Season

There is an age old question on the mind of almost every dieter. How to lose tummy fat? There are many truths and myths surrounding whether a person can actually spot reduce their tummy fat.

Unfortunately, you cannot spot reduce fat (without liposuction, which is costly and can be dangerous). In other words, you cannot do tons of abdominal crunches and expect Okinawa Flat Belly Tonic Reviews to lose weight in your tummy area. So the question remains, how do you lose tummy fat if you cannot spot reduce?

The number one way to lose fat in general, including the tummy area, would be to start with aerobic, cardio exercise such as walking and jogging. These activities will help you build endurance as well as burn calories.

While doing cardio exercise, you will also want to start doing exercises to strengthen the abdominal muscles. This would include activities such as yoga, sit-ups, pilates and crunches. As you build muscles in your abdominal area, you will notice a natural flattening of this area as muscle takes up less space than fat.

Of course, the third component of this whole process would be to reduce your caloric intake. Without reducing the amount of calories you are taking in, you will have a very hard time losing tummy fat. You cannot continue eating fast food and junk and expect that flat tummy!

The best way to adjust your calories would be to create a customized meal plan that will incorporate foods you LIKE. No one wants to follow a diet plan that includes foods they do not like and will not eat. If you will not stick to the program because of the foods, trying to lose weight would be a waste of time.

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