Video playback on the Vivo v21E

Vivo V21E Smartphone from the leading manufacturer in China is a beautiful device that comes equipped with many useful features. It has an advanced user interface and features a user-friendly interface with smooth performance Vivo V21e . This latest handset from Vivo is also enhanced with an array of useful features. For instance, it has the capacity to store millions of songs in its internal memory. If you want to transfer your music files on to your phone, this is the ideal one for you.

Another amazing feature of this smartphone is its fun touch screen which gives an enhanced functionality to its users. It has a very rich and vivid screen that looks awesome when viewing movies or pictures on it. Moreover, this handset has the facility to play videos and games. This is available through a USB port that supports the USB cable.

To operate this vivo v 21E smart image is for illustration purpose only. Actual image may vary according to individual’s condition and use. The speakerphone is a very good component of this handset. It enables you to make hands-free calls without using your hands which is really a great advantage as most of the hands free phones do not come with this facility.

If you want to have a glimpse of the stunning image quality offered by this handset, download the free software named Cool Pic. It offers a detail of this vivo v 21E and let you view the same at your own convenience. It also provides an opportunity to try the out-of-the-box functionality of the device.

The memory of this vivo v 21E is quite ample. Hence, there is never a dull moment while functioning on the device. The memory of this handset is however somewhat less compared to others in the mobiles making it comparatively slow. The memory is however faster than the predecessors of the smartphones. However, the difference is marginal and it can be surmised that the older one has the edge. Anyway, both the variants of this handset run smoothly without any degradation in the graphics performance.

As far as the camera angle is concerned, it is one of the prime features of the smartphone and one of the reasons that attract people towards it so much. This handset has the capacity to take sharp images and capture videos in high resolution. The camera setup of this gadget is impressive to say the least. The main camera has a digital zoom, optical zoom and a regular point & shoot camera setup in which all the four combinations are possible.

A complete connectivity set up is provided by the vivo. It has a quad band GSM modem and HSDPA connectivity with the ability to work in the 1900M bands. There is also a micro USB port for charging the mobile and for other data transfers. There is an infrared scanner, a daylight sensor, a barometer and a compass on board which help greatly in providing direction and location. There is no further information regarding the battery of this handset as of now, but it is expected to have a capacity of 3000 mah.

Apart from the camera setup, the vivo has a secondary camera as well. The feature rich camera of this handset does wonders for the person who wants to take lots of pictures and store them properly. The microSD card is expandable, giving ample room to add more photos to the mobile. It has a slot for data backup as well, allowing the user to save all the images on the device and share them via different services. The battery of the vivo is expected to have a capacity of six hours, which proves that this handset can be relied upon for long hours of pleasure.

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