Display Your Firearms Beautifully in a Gun Cabinet

 Display Your Firearms Beautifully in a Gun Cabinet

When it comes to protecting your firearms and your other valuables like jewelry, photo albums, and loose cash in the home, there really isn’t any substitution for .38 special ammo  a quality manufactured gun safe. However, many folks don’t want a one ton steel tank sitting in the middle of their family room. There surely are some pretty looking safes, but unless you live in a factory or a warehouse, they usually don’t fit in right.

In addition, with a safe’s solid steel door, you can’t see your proud gun collection inside. Now, it’s a very valid argument that these are all good things – you don’t want thieves to be able to see into the gun safe, and you surely don’t want to be able to gain easy access. I, however, have half a dozen beautiful Browning, Remington, Pendersoli, and Savage shotguns that I want to show off. And I say beautiful guns deserve a beautiful case. That’s why I’ve invested in a solid oak Scout cabinet.

Sure, I’m technically taking a risk. If anyone broke into my house and decided that they wanted the six aforementioned shotguns, they wouldn’t have any trouble breaking the glass and taking their pick. I suppose it’s a risk I’m willing to take for my artwork. That’s right, I consider some firearms, and gun cabinets to be artwork. After all, a gun cabinet, especially a custom crafted one, is essentially a gorgeous piece of furniture.

The quality of the gun cabinet is based entirely on the craftsmanship of the woodworker who put it together, and the material that they chose to use. I mentioned I have a Scout cabinet, and I love it. If I had to do it all over again though, I’d probably hire a carpenter who specializes in gun cabinets to build one for me. You may find yourself paying an extra $1000 for such a piece, but if you have good-looking guns to fill it up, and the money to float the project, I guarantee you won’t regret it.

Gun cabinets aren’t totally useless for security. For those who have both guns and kids in their household, a gun cabinet is almost sure to keep them out, as nearly all models are created with locking mechanisms – even if they aren’t as advanced as those found on a biometric gun safe. Despite the clear glass display, your the lock will prevent any casual access.

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